Kerri Girnun is an accredited Life Coach with a special interest in helping her clients to discover their unique purpose, values and signature strengths. She teaches them how to apply these insights in everyday life, as well as strategies to break through their limitations and find new ways to deal with their challenges.

She works at an individual and group level, identifying stumbling blocks and unhelpful patterns which are inhibiting fulfilment of potential and growth. Through coaching and workshops, Kerri provides the necessary tools and practices that have been developed over time, so that individuals and teams are empowered to transform and accomplish their greatest ambitions.

Kerri plays a strategic and supportive role around people matters, within
businesses with whom she has established a trusted relationship.

  • Coaching private and corporate individuals
  • Coaching groups in conversation/communication skills
  • Building trust in teams
  • Defining and sustaining company culture
  • Identifying the business’ purpose and key values
  • Strategic planning with purpose
  • Setting objectives and addressing barriers to success
  • Bespoke interventions designed around business needs
  • Creating alignment with company culture and objectives
  • Embedding practices for sustained change  


“My goal is for my clients to develop new competencies that will
ultimately unlock their full potential.”

This is achieved by assisting them to expand their self-awareness and to foster new ways of being that will allow them to become self-correcting in every aspect of their lives.

In addition to a range of practices developed over time (including VIA Character Strengths and the Enneagram), the basis of my approach is to connect clients with their true essence through identifying their purpose, core values and top strengths. The idea being that true progress and paradigm shifts, can only result from a place of authenticity, healthy self-worth and positivity.

“Research shows that individuals who know and exercise their strengths live happier, more successful lives. They have stronger relationships, deeper engagement at work, and greater life balance” – viacharacter.org.

Progress towards achieving the outcomes is evaluated continually and active learning takes place through the assignment of actions and implementation of their learned practices. 



Martha Beck Accredited Life Coach
Enneagram Practitioner
Adult Child Life Coach 


Introduction to Financial Markets (Academy of Financial Markets)
Management Advancement Programme (Wits Business School)
Bachelor of Arts (University of Witwatersrand)
One Year Programme (Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel)