Coaching is a process to support individuals and/or teams, to work through their challenges and to learn strategies for new behaviours that will lead to improved performance and well-being in all areas. It is not therapy, counselling nor training but rather about providing the necessary guidance and tools so that they are able to transition from just awareness to taking responsibility and making the shifts themselves.


At an individual level, my clients benefit in a number of ways including:
Deepening self-insight and in turn more alignment with their own goals
Greater empowerment through developing competencies to solve their own problems
Enriched personal and business performance due to increased self confidence

Having new skills and strategies to build resilience and cope better with stress

At a team level, the emphasis is on:

Building trust and boosting team dynamics
Unlocking team potential for optimal performance
Creating alignment with company culture and objectives
Embedding practices for sustained change


The process is outcome-based, guided by the expressed objectives of the individual or of the business within the context of what challenges are presenting. We start off with identifying the areas requiring development and plan appropriate actions with the aid of accessible practices, to help build competencies and ultimately to make sustained changes in the desired areas. The process can be managed through independent individual interventions or through a series of workshops in the business environment.


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